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The Online Trading Warehouse for Office Furniture Dealers.

Office Furniture Dealers has been created to help commercial furniture dealers trade surplus or redundant stock, both new and used, with other members nationwide.

A virtual furniture warehouse available to all members - buy or sell in one location saving time, money and effort.

Collaborate with dealers to make crucial sales or purchases which may be time limited e.g. fulfilling urgent client requirements or complete office clearances.

The selling dealer is able to dispose of unwanted stock and the buying dealer procures products he needs to fulfil an order. Both parties gain and generate extra profit and turnover.

How does this work

Once logged in, members upload information and images of products for sale. Other users can explore, search, analyse and ultimately trade with seller - it’s a virtual warehouse with access to all.

Dealers seeking to buy can search by various terms (manufacturer, location, dimensions, etc) to find the items they need swiftly and accurately. They contact the seller to enquire further and negotiate terms.

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